Invest with Excellence

KORE will continue to target trophy assets with best-in-class amenities. We invest nationally, in multiple real estate asset types, that deliver value to investors, tenants and the communities we serve.


Millennials will soon comprise 75% of the workforce. As we anticipated this demographic shift to the suburbs, we are now starting to see this talent pool deplete the inventory of suburban homes from New York to Charlotte, Denver, and Chicago. Many key markets also lack new office construction in the suburbs, leaving few available trophy assets as the flight to quality drives companies trying to attract and retain talent for years to come.

KORE was early in the co-working space, first implementing this concept in the early 2000s, well before co-working became a trend. KORE has developed a Hybrid Real Estate Model that merges two distinct businesses: Asset Ownership and Co-Working.

By owning the buildings in which our co-working business operates, we are able to offer ultimate flexibility to our tenants in both up-cycles and downturns in the market.


KORE sets the standard in real estate investments by acting early through forward-thinking. At KORE, we stay ahead of market trends by analyzing data, being prepared, adaptable and thoughtful to predict future trends in commercial real estate ownership. The team at KORE isn’t contrarian but believes in being early and ahead of market trends.


KORE aspires to have our tenants flourish and prosper in our buildings. As 87% of the population are unhappy with their work and with record levels of depression and loneliness, we feel privileged and challenged to bring a new positive culture and community to the office buildings that we acquire. The vision of KORE is to not just renovate, but to activate the KORE office communities.

KORE focuses on relationships first and we believe we are stewards of our assets. KORE Investments is built on contribution and serving for the good of all and this is what drives us in all facets of our business.